+ Do I need experience?

No experience is necessary. Yoga is for every body! Yoga is a life long practice so just keep practicing!

+Which class should I try first as a beginner?

Starting something new can be overwhelming at times so we want to make sure you start with a slower-moving class so you can become familiar with the movements and poses. All of our Level 1 classes are a fantastic place to start as well as our Reset and Restore classes. Our teachers are here to assist you as you begin this journey. You may speak with them before class to create a plan for your practice to best promote learning.

+What if I have an injourney or am expreancing pain?

Yoga has been found to greatly benefit the mind and body during times of healing. Our teachers are here to support you in any way they can. You may speak to them before class to create the best plan for your practice to promote healing. We always recommend you speak with a medical professional before starting anything new.

+Can pregnant women do yoga?

Absolutely! Yoga during pregnancy has been found to hold many benefits. We even offer a prenatal yoga class specially designed to support the body and mind during this transformative season. We do highly encourage you to have a conversation with your doctor before starting any kind of new activity during pregnancy.

+Do you offer private classes?

Yes! We have several teachers who offer private sessions. Reach out by email at info.omshantiyoga@gmail.com to learn more.

+ How Much Are Your Classes?

We have many pricing options. We have a single drop-in class for $20 or Class packages that range from 10 classes to monthly unlimited. Ask one of our teachers for current prices or from our home page click on Prices.

+ What Should I Bring To Class?

You will need a Yoga Mat and a water bottle if you are in a heated class. We also have community mats you can use at the studio

+ What Are Your Hot Classes Like?

Heated classes are warmed between 80-95 degrees and open to anyone. Please hydrate well before class and bring water with you.

+ What Do I Wear To Class?

Wear what you are comfortable in. Yoga clothes or gym clothes will work. You will want to wear clothes that enable you to move.