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Yoga teachers and studio owners of Om Shanti Yoga Studio in Burlington, NC

Who is Om Shanti Yoga?

Our name comes from the beautiful ancient language of Sanskrit and truly encompasses all that our community stands for. Om is the vibrating sound of all things, just as all are welcome into this space, no judgment, come as you are. Shanti translates to “peace” or “tranquility.” We believe that peace is the basis of a happy and fulfilling life and this is what we hope you find here. Yoga translates “to yoke” or “unit.” As life loses all meaning when we are not connected with others, we are here to provide a space for a supportive and growing community.

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Yoga Inversion Workshop - Om Shanti Yoga in Burlington, NC

Workshops & Feature Classes

At Om Shanti Yoga Studio, we are committed to providing an enriching and diverse yoga experience. Our carefully curated workshops and feature classes are designed to offer unique perspectives and deepen your practice. While most feature classes are included in our packages and memberships, workshops provide specialized insights and may have a separate fee.

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Fall Yoga Retreat in the Blue Ridge Moutains

Fall Yoga Retreat

Escape to the serene beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains this fall for a rejuvenating yoga retreat at a historic lodge. Nestled amidst vibrant autumn colors, this retreat offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Each day find movement and mindfulness with yoga and meditation sessions. Enjoy time for nature hikes through picturesque trails and explore the charming nearby town for shopping and a beer.

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Private Yoga Session at Om Shanti Yoga in Burlington, NC

Private Classes

Not feeling up to a group class or wanting to dive deeper into your practice? We have several amazing instructors ready to meet you right where you are. Private classes offer personalized attention, allowing you to deepen your practice, refine techniques, and receive guidance tailored specifically to you.

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Yoga studio space for rent in Burlington, NC

Studio Rental

Looking for a beautiful serene space to offer private or group classes? Our vibrant studio is open for hourly rental. Unlock the possibilities of our serene studio at Om Shanti Yoga.

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Yoga Classes in Burlington, NC at Om Shanti Yoga


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